P.G. Diploma Ultrasonography

The objective of ultrasonography is to diagnose internal medical conditions of the body using high frequency sound waves that are beyond the range of human auditory perception. This diagnostic modality assists in identifying heart issues, assessing abdominal health, and monitoring fetal development during pregnancy. 

The goal of the PG Diploma in Ultrasonography program is to give students a thorough grasp of ultrasound technology and how it is used in the medical industry. Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method that is very useful for monitoring and diagnosis since it uses high-frequency sound waves to produce real-time images of inside body components.

The duration of the ultrasonography program is one year. It can be offered across the globe, including India, the USA, Bangladesh, and more countries, to accommodate different learners.

Teaching Methods:
Server-based classes

Required Backgrounds:
MBBS / MD/MS/ DNB/ Equivalent

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Grey Scale:Abdominal Ultrasound

  1. Liver
  2. Gall Bladder
  3. Pancreas
  4. Kidneys
  5. Spleen
  1.  UB and Prostate
  2. Scrotal Ultrasound
  3. Thyroid Ultrasound
  4. Breast Ultrasound

Grey Scale:Gyne & Obs Ultrasound

  1. Physcis of Ultrasound
  2. Ultrasound in Infertility
  3. Uterus and Ovaries
  4. Early/Ectopic Pregnancy
  5. Sonographic Scanning Techniques Early/ectopic Pregnancy
  1.  Foetal Head Scanning
  2. Foetal Abdominal Scanning
  3. Placenta Foetal Color Dopper
  4. Multiple Gestation
  5. Foetal Echocardiography

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