P.G. Diploma Maternal & Child Health

PG Diploma Maternal & Child Health (Mother & Child)(Courses for Doctors)

PG DIploma Maternal & Child Health focuses on the well-being of mothers and children during pregnancy, childbirth, infancy, and early childhood. It is a specialized area within healthcare that plays a vital role in reducing maternal and child mortality rates, ensuring safe pregnancies, and promoting healthy childhood development

A PG Diploma course in Maternal & Child Health is a postgraduate program tailored to provide healthcare professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in this vital field. This program is designed for individuals with a passion for improving the health and lives of mothers and children.

Teaching Methods:
Server-based classes

Required Backgrounds:
MBBS / MD/MS/ DNB/ Equivalent

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  1. Levels of Prevention
    In the first, students dive into the core concept of public health prevention. They will understand the three levels of prevention, focusing on primary prevention and its vital role in halting diseases before they even start. Case studies and discussions shed light on the significance of primary prevention in public health.
  2. Basics of Epidemiology
    This part of module delves into epidemiology, the science of public health. Students will grasp its relevance in disease surveillance and control. Practical exercises involve the analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data, while a guest speaker offers insights from an epidemiologist’s perspective.
  3. Process in Public Health
    This section concentrates on effective communication in public health, particularly in health education and promotion. It explores social marketing, behavior change, and role-play scenarios to enhance students’ communication skills. Additionally, students develop a health communication plan as part of the practical exercises.
  4. Reproductive & Child Health (RCH) Programs
    This week provides an overview of Reproductive & Child Health (RCH) programs, emphasizing maternal and child health services. Case studies delve into the effectiveness of RCH programs, complemented by a guest lecture featuring field experiences in RCH programs.
  5. Indicators of RCH
    Section five centers on key health indicators within Reproductive & Child Health. Students will learn how to monitor and evaluate RCH programs and analyze program performance based on these indicators. Engaging discussions also cover challenges and potential improvements related to RCH indicators.
  6. National Policies Related to Health
    In this section of PGD Maternal & Child Health, students delve into national health policies and their real-world impact on public health. They will analyze the influence of these policies on public health programs, followed by a policy debate to explore policy changes and their implications.
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