Terms & Conditions

(1) Batch transfer is not permitted. In special cases if allowed the students will be required to pay the requisite transfer fee.

(2) The Academy reserves the right to make any changes/amendments to terms and conditions of admission at any time.

(3) Student is required to inform the Academy about any changes in his /her contact details including permanent /corresp./ PG address, email-Id at any point if time

(4) The Academy may make mandatory the submission of any certificate or documents before or at the time of the admission or afterwards, for the purpose of admission or otherwise, as decided by the Academy

(5) Students undertake /certify that the documents submitted by him / her are original / genuine and not fake and to the best of his / her knowledge. If found otherwise the fee of the student shall be forfeited and separate legal action would be taken by the Academy

(6) Academy reserves the right to cancel admission if a student fails to submit relevant documents or otherwise if fails to full fill any condition.