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Advanced Fellowship Program for MBBS/MD Doctors

A doctor who successfully finished medical school and residency plus a fellowship program is known as a fellowship-trained doctor. Alternatively said, doctors with a fellowship training are licensed practitioners who have completed an additional one to three years of training in their subspecialty.


Advanced Certificate Program for MBBS/MD/ DGO/Equivalent

Medical certificate programs are educational initiatives that give students foundational information and training in the medical sector. Numerous fields are covered in these courses, including OBS& Gynae Ultrasound, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and Infertility.


P.G Diploma Program for MBBS/MD/DGO/Equivalent

A Postgraduate (PG) Diploma in Medical is a specialized program designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degree in medicine or a related field. The program typically focuses on enhancing knowledge and skills in specific areas of medicine, such as radiology, cardiology, neurology, or surgery. 



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Top DMHCA Courses for MBBS and MD Doctors

Fellowship in Internal Medicine

  • Opportunities for active learning using a case-based methodology
  • Expert lectures from professionals at reputable hospitals
  • A multispecialty hospital’s contact program

Fellowship in Family Medicine

  • A case-based interactive technique to improve learning possibilities
  • lifetime  membership, giving you access to a knowledge base and network

  • Contact program for exposure to and training in a multispecialty hospital

Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology

  • Boost your practical abilities by using a case-based learning strategy.

  • Examine the treatment and diagnosis of common cardiac disorders.

  • Enroll in a contact program at a multispecialty hospital to receive hands-on training and exposure

Fellowship in Echocardiography

  • Expand your understanding of echocardiography through simulations
  • Obtain the skills required to perform echocardiography.

  • Improve your ability to echocardiography by enrolling in a contact program at a prestigious hospital

  • Easy-to-learn illustrations and videos to enhance the learning experience

Fellowship in Obs & Gynaecology

  • Gain knowledge through a case-based, interactive approach.
  • Acquire the ability to decipher and evaluate research done in critical care environments.

  • Theory can be put into practice with a rotating internship program.

Fellowship in Emergency medicine

  • Enhance your pragmatic approach by utilizing case-based education.
  • Provides comprehensive knowledge of both macro- and microvascular problems.

  • In a corporate hospital, a contact program overseen by specialists in the field

Fellowship in Dermatology

  • Possess extensive knowledge and expertise in a range of subspecialties to focus on Dermatology.
  • Use case studies and interactive learning to improve your clinical decision-making skills.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of evidence-based therapy and diagnostic strategies for a variety of dermatology.

Fellowship in Radiology

  • Using case-based learning to strengthen your practical approach
  • Provides comprehensive knowledge of both macro- and microvascular problems

  • A corporate hospital’s contact program is overseen by subject-matter specialists.

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