Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management

Hospital Management or Healthcare Management is the field relating to leadership, management, and administration of public health systems, health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks in all the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. Hospital Management is an art of managing an institution i.e. hospital, its infrastructure facilities, manpower and overall services.


Hospital Management curriculum combines the study of management techniques in the discipline of healthcare. The course is designed to offer trainees a management-oriented perspective and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to functions of hospital administration. It focuses on providing students with requisite knowledge and skills required by management professionals in the field of healthcare.



  • Concepts and practices related to functions of hospital administration
  • Management of organizational behaviour and development
  • Managing Inventory canal, Economic quantity (EOQ), operational research, MIS and Clinical management,
  • Organization and effective use of physical & financial resources of the hospital


Course Certification (Recognized by UGC)

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management


Course Eligibility



Course Duration

1 Year


Course Details

·       Finance and Management of Funds

·       Personal Management and organization Behavior

·       Health Care System in India

·       Hospital Administration & General Management.

·       Hospital Organization

·       Quality Assurance Hospital and Law


Clinical rotations/ training/ observership

1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 months


# there will be an exam on final day which will include VIDEOS AND IMAGES for diagnosis, which has be done in the class and need to be submitted the same day.

# after the exam, Q&A session will be conducted for doubt clearances