Delhi Medical Health Care Academy

, aka DMHCA is one of the best known institute for medical courses in the country which offers specialized medical training. DMHCA is dedicated to provide you the skills and knowledge of the medical field which will help you serve the people not only with their health needs but also their sufferings with compassion, support, understanding and solace.

At DMHCA, our goal is to provide students with a transformational healthcare education experience. Education is any sphere of life is certainly the passport to the future, and medical healthcare among all is a vital field for the sustenance, maintenance and existence of human beings. That's the reason we are determined and highly committed to provide our trainees with such competence and skills that they can look after the wellbeing of this world with knowledge, conviction and confidence. With a highly educated and experienced faculty and their rich practical experiences, students receive the best of what we have to offer.

At DMHCA, we have a variety of programs from Post Graduate Diplomas to MBAs and PHDs and more than 25+ UGC approved university courses like Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Diabetology etc. in order to both cover the extensive medical fields of education and provide options to students to choose over a wide range of career oriented qualifications. Our cost effective courses are tailor made to incorporate important topics with a systematic approach to the subject so that your skills makes a difference between someone’s life and death.

We wish you luck in your career.